I am a senior security data scientist in the protections team at Elastic. I develop machine learning tools for the cybersecurity domain and do research on how to build trustworthy ML-based systems. I did my PhD in COmputer SECurity (COSEC) lab at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), Spain. During my PhD, I was working on android application triage, malware detection and characterization. As an undergraduate student, I have worked in a wide range of areas, from software engineering (BSc) to artificial intelligence (MSc).

My research interests include computer security, mobile security, malware analysis and applied machine learning in security. My research has won multiple prestigious awards. In my spare time, I write blog posts about my projects and related research areas.

Before joining Elastic, I was a postdoctoral research associate in the Systems Security Lab (SecLab) and a Part-Time lecturer at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. During this period, I was doing research on detecting code reuse in advanced malware that were being used by different campaigns in targeted attacks. I also taught a couple of cybersecurity courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.