I am a security research lead in the email threat research team at Cisco Talos. With a solid foundation and a passion for safeguarding the digital world, my journey in the cybersecurity domain commenced during my doctoral studies in the COmputer SECurity (COSEC) lab at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), Spain.

During the course of my PhD studies, I delved into the fascinating realms of android application triage, malware detection, and characterization, setting the stage for a fruitful research trajectory. Following the successful completion of my PhD, I further honed my skills and knowledge at the Systems Security Lab (SecLab) at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Here, I held the roles of a postdoctoral research associate and a Part-Time lecturer. My focus shifted towards pioneering research in detecting code reuse within advanced Windows malware utilized by various campaigns in targeted attacks. This period also saw me imparting knowledge through teaching cybersecurity courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

My passion and expertise extend into diverse facets of cybersecurity, including computer security, mobile security, malware analysis, and the application of machine learning in the security landscape. My dedication and contributions to the field have been recognized through numerous prestigious awards.

In my spare time, I channel my enthusiasm for the field by crafting engaging blog posts, shedding light on my projects and delving into related research areas.